Later models including Crosscurrent S seem to be no better. Sad that poor quality can wreck an otherwise great bike but this appears to be the case here.

In Volkswagen introduced the Golf GTi to the world, and instantly there was a realisation that a hatchback could be both practical, economical and a whole lot of fun, without looking stupid. It challenges so many preconceptions of what an entry-level ebike can be. Faster even than my Specialized Turbo, which has generally been king of the cycleway and friend to many a drafting road biker.

As a comparison my ride home on Wednesday took me 48min on the Turbo.

radcity vs crosscurrent

Under similar conditions on the Crosscurrent it was 43min, 2 min faster than my personal best under favourable wind conditions. It is a really nice bike that can also cruise around slowly.

If you are happy on a bright red hardtail mountain bike, you will love the Crosscurrent. When we were doing photos for this review, people were staring at the Juiced, obviously taken by its style—a genuine head-turner.

As a design philosophy, it is clear that Juiced has adopted a stripped-back approach here, and I like it.

NZ Electric Bike Review

It works — the frame is stiff and exudes confidence; I was easily able to ride along no-handed. The Suntour Nex forks take the harshness out of the ride, and the Selle Royale gel saddle does the same for the rear. Luckily Juiced offer a range of frame sizes to suit. The review bike only had the smaller of the two currently available batteries at Wh [Not quite — see above note]. You can order it with Wh and massive and Wh batteries soon to be available.

The charger is fairly light so you could carry it with you or buy another charger. Apparently Tora Harris from Juiced has tweaked and tuned the controller to within an inch to get the best possible speed to battery ratio. I believe it. In NZ it is labelled W but I suspect that motors can be labelled at whatever anybody wants to placate regulators.Big wind, tricky casts, and a fired-up flats guide screaming the coordinates of rapidly approaching target can quickly unravel the nerves of even the most experienced angler.

Demanding conditions require a rod that can easily lift generous lengths of line and produce the blazing line speed necessary to deliver your piscatorial payload with pin-point accuracy. Utilizing our legendary GLX graphite, Multi-Taper technology and unbelievably tough recoil guides, the GLX CrossCurrent is the weapon of choice for chasing tarpon, permit, reds and just about any other fish that roams the salt.

This rod is at the lower end of the power curve for those saltwater fanatics that like to go a light as possible. It's designed with a responsive tip, combined with an extra-powerful butt-section, making it a great little rod for casting small flies on long leaders to bonefish, seatrout or puppy drum, especially in extra skinny water where the fish are easily spooked. For a six-weight, it's still got plenty of power and will handle big fish surprisingly well.

A nice option for light-duty freshwater bass fishing.

radcity vs crosscurrent

As long as the wind isn't a factor, this rod is a great choice for almost any of the popular flats species like redfish, bonefish, specks and small permit. It's more powerful than you might think and totally capable of handling oversized surprises, no problem! When you want to go to a slightly lighter rod on the flats, whether for fun or the challenge, this is as good as it gets!

The standard by which all light-duty saltwater fly rods are measured, this crisp casting 8-weight is our number one flats rod. With the versatility and quickness of a middleweight, it has the punch of a heavyweight.

radcity vs crosscurrent

Tight loops, great range and power to spare, this rod is our choice for bonefish, permit, snook, stripers or blues. A great tool for any light-saltwater fly fisher's arsenal, even in breezy conditions. They just don't get any better than this! When you need to step up to bigger flies, longer casts and bigger fish, this 9-weight is the right choice. It's a great rod for casting in the wind and will handle all the popular fish on the saltwater scene.

Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, false albies This rod has a lot of lifting power for moving big permit away from a wreck or handling big dorados in the open ocean.

Do re mi notes

It's all about power and everything heavy-duty. Want a real challenge on a fly rod'Take this one along on your next tarpon trip. We're sure you'll be impressed! When the fishing pressure puts those big silver kings off the bite, you can take this rod and go to slightly smaller flies and turn the tables in your favor. It is still extremely powerful, but casts a bit easier than it's big brother, the weight and the subtle difference in rod weight can save your arm after a long day on the flats.

A real good option for roosterfish as well as bull dorado!! THE big tarpon fly rod! From sails to striped marlin and tuna, this is an excellent rod for keeping the pressure on. It's really light considering the power it creates. Even though this rod really packs a punch, it has the feel of a much smaller rod.

It will cast large, wind-resistant flies a mile. When those big 'poons' show up on the flats, this is the rod you'll want in your hands. Filter by:. Item number ALL. Rod Taper ALL. Rod Length ft ALL.Fat-tire bikes with powerful electric assist are a match made in heaven. Juiced Bikes says it's pulled out all the stops to make its upcoming RipCurrent S "the ultimate fat tire commuter e-bike," and for the price, it looks like the team has pulled off something pretty special.

Why go with fat tires? Don't they add a bunch of rolling resistance? But they add a go-anywhere, all-weather element to your riding, and those big hoops soak up bumps like extra suspension. These are the bikes to take if you want to take your commute across the sand dunes, down a trail or two, or even through snow in the winter months.

And with electric pedal assist, extra resistance ceases to be an issue. Mind you, prepare to burn those quads if the battery runs out. The RipCurrent S is a solid-looking hardtail-framed bike with a watt Bafang hub motor, 4-inch Kenda tires, a 9-speed Shimano Altus cassette drivetrain and a range of impressive battery options, the lowest of which offers a pretty solid 13 Ah at 48V.

It ships as a fully loaded, lb kg commuter machine with mudguards, kickstand, a heavy-duty tail rack, cheapie Mozo Fatman air suspension forks, hydraulic brakes, a Lookin gel seat, a 1,lumen front light, rear lights and a set of spunky Velo ergonomic handgrips.

It runs using a thumb throttle, in conjunction with a latest-generation torque-based pedal sensor that checks both if you're pedaling and how hard, 1, times per second, to adjust power output to the hub motor. If you want a brief burst of extra power and watts isn't doing it for you, you can hit the throttle while you're pedaling to engage a 1,watt boost mode. And there's a low voltage limiter that lets you set your own level for how deep you're willing to discharge your battery, letting you give it an easy and hopefully longer life in the process.

The RipCurrent S comes in three colors black, brushed aluminum and red with three frame sizes and three battery options on offer, making it a pretty simple shopping experience. All batteries are by LG, so decent gear. The big daddy steps things up to 52V and 21 Ah to bring capacity up over a kWh.

The extra voltage pulls extra speed and torque out of the motor, and the range is basically about twice what you get from most ebikes on the market. To put the prices in context, let's look at some similarly specified fatty ebikes we've written about recently.

It has been wildly popular at this price. The Big Easy, from Defiant Bicycleswith its ultra-wide 4. It seems fair to say Juiced Bikes has come up with a terrific deal on the RipCurrent S in all its configurations.

You're getting a ton for your money, from a trusted company that's making a real product rather than crowdfunding a prototype. You need good power and plenty of battery to pull a decent range out of a fat bike, and these specs look like they're on the money. If you live in the heavily restricted locales of Europe or Australia, you can get a neutered watt version to meet the head-scratching regulations your masters impose. And if you like the look of this thing but you're more of a road rider, there's a slightly lower-spec, but very similar looking, thin-tire street version called the CrossCurrent S for around the same dollars.

Pre-orders on the RipCurrent S are open now. The team has already built a whole bunch and deliveries are already underway. Source: Juiced Bikes. LOG IN.Electric bikes are perfect solution for many who want to get active, reduce carbon foot print, lose weight or have fun. There are more and more players in electric bike market and technology especially battery technology is getting cheaper, you have more options of electric bikes at different price points and configurations.

At electric bikes are faster, lighter than before and batteries provide longer range than ever. We will show you the top 10 electric bikes under here. Recently we see some electric bikes such as Ancheer which cost for or even lower. And they use very low quality, sub standard batteries and components. You must heard about people losing their homes because of fire caused by scooters or electric bikes.

Try to spend a little bit more or maybe use some financing options and buy a good quality e-bike which you can use for many years and that will last. As said there will be exceptions such as some companies have a high price tag without offering much and some electric bike companies have direct to customer model where they can offer a better product at much lower price.

Most of the components will be no-name or Chinese brands. Your battery life will be very short as most probably they use a Chinese battery with short life cycle. Good thing is now you even have chance to have a mid-drive electric bikes at this price point.

If you check carefully you can find some awesome electric bikes which have mid-drive motor, hydraulic brake, big battery, lights and many accessories. You are now looking at some European electric bikes which are designed for semi-pro off road riding such as Haibike. Depending on purpose of the e-bike you buy you will see Rock Shock fork, high end shimano gears, Magura or similar hydraulic brakes, carbon frame, etc….

It will be an electric bike that you can ride for long duration. Motor : Mid-Drive Motors are better and more powerful than hub motors. In this way they have better hill climbing skills. They are also more efficient so you can go longer duration with mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are more expensive than hub motor too. Brakes : Hydraulic brakes are better than Mechanical Disc Brakes. Mechanical Disc Brakes are better than V Brake.

radcity vs crosscurrent

Hydraulic brakes are more reliable and easier to operate. Gears : Internal Hub Gears are better option for commuting. They are maintenance free such as Shimano Nexus. Shimano Tourney is better than Acera or Altus.

Acera and Altus are similar in terms of performance. Sensor : Torque Sensors are better than Cadence sensor. Also they are more expensive than cadence sensor.

Surface S is selected as best mtb under in electric bike category.

Rad City / Juiced CrossCurrent S / Other?

Also it is one of the best fat bikes under Surface is a Canadian electric bike brand which has a W hub motor which is equipped with a fairly large battery Wh and hydraulic brakes.Hey there! Thanks for the comprehensive review. I'm just curious how your bike and your experience with it are holding up?

The CrossCurrent X is a rather fancy e-bike with a lot to offer. Let me first say a few words about how I came to decide on the CrossCurrent X, and then I will review the bike itself. My first exposure to e-bikes was via a different company. Their offerings seemed interesting, but as I started to expand my research, I realized that there are actually a lot of e-bike companies out there.

Some, like Trek and Raleigh, are traditional bicycle companies that offer electric bikes. Even my beloved BikesDirect. With such a full marketplace, I figured I was going to have a lot of options. So I started comparing bicycles based on their specifications and components. When you do that with e-bikes, you discover two things: First, a lot of companies offer bikes with similar specs to Trek bikes for much less money.

This is not to say that Juiced Bikes are the least expensive or most value-conscious bikes on the market. Depending on your needs and desires, and your ability to build a bicycle yourself, there are many other options out there. But Juiced Bikes offers products that are actually even a bit better than big, name-brand bikes for the same amount of money or less. I briefly considered buying a value bike or building my own, but then I remembered something about myself.

When it comes to my hobbies, this invariably turns into a situation where I spend a little money up front, then a little more money a couple of years later, then a little more money a year later, then a little more… I wanted to circumvent this process this time around. Buy one good, solid e-bike for slightly more money and then avoid the necessity of future spending.

They invest a lot of time in engineering, designing, and testing to ensure their bikes are unique. The CrossCurrent itself has an interesting story. It started out as an e-bike kit paired with the best components they thought they could offer. Then they improved the line based on customer feedback, adding new components and features. The CrossCurrent X is evidently the latest iteration of that process. Thus, I arrived at the CrossCurrent X.I wish I could tell you all the others felt cold and lifeless, but when I picked this one up the world stopped around me, a luminescent glow spread from my hand all the way up through the rod, and that I was instantly imbued with some kind of Jedi-like casting ability.

The truth is I was gearing up for a trip to the Bahamas and my previously-trusty-but-now-broken bonefish stick needed replacing. The moss-green blank and burgundy whipping looked a little old-fashioned and a tad unsexy; the skinny section of cork handle took a little getting used to and the Recoil guides looked, dare I say it, a little on the cheap side.

We grew on each other though. It quickly dawned on me that this rod was in a different league to its dear departed predecessor. Smooth, rhythmical and accurate — it had the lot. On the flats, the GLX revealed itself to be a beast of a rod, marrying all those other attributes with awesome stopping power and great close control.

My very first fish turned out to be my biggest — a 9lb slob that was tailing on an Andros flat in the late-afternoon sun.

Cummins isx 15 engine oil capacity

The rod handled it with ease. It was one of the defining moments of a very special trip — a week spent on my own, as the only guest at the lodge. Just me and my Loomis. And whenever I look back at pictures of that time, given that I had no-one else to photograph, the Loomis is front and centre.

A few years have elapsed since then and things have changed. It still feels light enough in the hand for me.

Ordered probit in r

The CrossCurrent, with its green blank and burnished copper real seat is one of them. You can tell a mile off what it is. And you know what? Despite the ever-evolving fly rod industry — the constant appetite for updated, upgraded products — you still see these rods everywhere. Fun read, and yes. Hard to change to the newer stuff. Decisions, decisions. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Cancel Reply.

Stuff We Like 2: G. Share this. Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Join the mailing list. Featured Destinations Honduras Discover the next big thing in saltwater fly-fishing. Hawaii Find out all you need to know about the land of monster bones. Top 5: Fishing Travel Bags Our top picks, covering everything from budget to luxury options.Your time on a bike matters -- maybe now more than ever.

Read More. Whether it's contactless repairs or delivering fully sanitized bikes, Rad Mobile Service is working overtime to keep riders safe. The new digital home for ebike news and culture, including riding tips, rad stories, technical know-how, rad community and event happenings. Read now. Learn more. The latest iteration of our sleek step-thru commuter bike comes with mounts on its frame for an optional wheel lock, a feature that makes the RadCity Step-Thru 3 even better for running quick errands than any previous model.

The RadCity Step-Thru 3 features a low-step frame design and less distance between you and the handlebars. With all the benefits of the RadCity, in a more approachable package, this is the true comfort cruiser you've been searching for.

Gather the tools needed: Medium-width hardcover book Tape measure A wall you can stand against A trusted friend or relative Wearing your regular riding shoes and with your back to the wall, stand with your feet spread so there is about 7 inches between them - this is about the distance apart your feet would be when straddling a bike with your feet on the ground standover height.

Considering the RadRover Ebike? You better watch this first!

Place a hardcover book against the wall with the spine of the book facing upward. Slide the book upwards towards your groin until it is solidly against your body. This may be a bit awkward, but is way more comfortable -- and safer! If you have a buddy helping you, get them to measure from the floor to the top of the book spine while you hold the book in place.

Integrated Rear Rack Attach panniers, platforms, or baskets and let the bike carry your cargo. Twist Grip Throttle W of power on-demand. We designed and built our batteries using genuine Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion cells on the market today. These cells have allowed us to build an overall better battery, and at only 7.

Using a brushless direct drive hub motor allows regenerative braking to be enabled as a standard feature. This allows the user to slow down when traveling downhill or coming to a stop while charging the battery in the process. Looking for something more traditional? The RadCity 4 is a great option if you want many of the same features as the RadCity Step-Thru but in a more traditional, familiar frame style.

My partner had purchased the model in December and brought it to Florida. I then thought I'd like the same bike and purchased the Version 3. I am so glad I did. The bike fits me so well! I really love my RadCity. I just hit miles today and rarely find the need to get in my car.

Quick errands deserve putting this "rad" bike into action. I have had no problems other than two flat tires from those nasty goat heads. Thankfully it happened on the front tire so changing was easy.

I thoroughly enjoy my rides and go frequently. I can climb all hills with relative ease. My longest ride has been 35 miles and had plenty of battery left.

They are easy to put together.

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Radcity vs crosscurrent

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